911 (964)

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Approx Range (Miles)
The Porsche 911 is one of the world’s most iconic sports cars. The first 911 was introduced in 1964, and has undergone continuous evolution whilst retaining its trademark 2+2 rear-engined configuration. The 964 generation of the 911 came onto the market in model year 1989, and available in Coupé, Targa and Cabriolet body designs. 911’s remain a symbol of performance and engineering, with high-profile owners including Steve McQueen, Bill Gates, David Beckham, Rihanna and Tom Cruise.

Porsche Pure and Signature Specifications

Porsche 964 Targa
Porsche 964 Coupe
Pure Narrow Body Signature Wide Body Current*
3,099 kg C02 per annum
4.5 seconds
Sub 4 seconds
5.5 seconds (manual)
6.2 seconds (tip)
440 BHP / 460 Nm torque
500 BHP / 500 Nm torque
247 BHP / 310 Nm torque
180+ miles
150+ miles
345 miles
Cost to refuel/charge
Quaife ATB Torque biasing differential
Quaife ATB Torque biasing differential
Battery Pack
53kWh battery pack
53kWh battery pack
Combined AC and DC Fast charging
Combined AC and DC Fast charging
Drive Modes
Sport and Eco drive modes
Tractive suspension with integrated drive modes
Optional Extras
At client request
A range of options including Active Sound & Carbon body (saves approx. 150kg)
  • Restored to the highest level by Porsche specialists
  • Maintain structural integrity; conversion is reversable, maintaining value & options into the future
  • Close to original weight & weight distribution
  • CAD designed & optimised
  • Brand-new 53Kwh battery pack with advanced battery management and temperature control
  • Brand-new custom differential
  • Regenerative braking
  • Full navigation, DAB+, Bluetooth®, Apple Car Play
  • Heated front seats
  • Brand new and uprated heating and air conditioning system
  • Custom Porsche inspired 5-gauge cluster dials, showing vital information whilst maintaining ‘original’ appearance
* All ‘current’ Figures based on publicly available data on Porsche 964 C2/Targa. Emissions C02 based on driving 5,000 miles per year. Source Greentripper. Range based on 16.85 gallon petrol tank @20.5mpg (fuelly.com). Average UK fuel price £1.238 per litre. Average UK electricity price £0.144 per KWH. Data source gov.uk. All performance figures quoted are subject to driving style and conditions.

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