Electric Landrover Series 2A Everrati

Land Rover

Series IIA

from £150,000

0 s
Acceleration (0-60)
0 bhp
0 +
Approx Range (Miles)

The Land Rover ‘Series’ has been one of the world’s most iconic off road vehicles since its launch in 1948.

The creation of Maurice Wilks is loved the world over.  The world’s first civilian four wheel drive car is a true British icon.

The Land Rover Series IIa was launched in 1961 and is a perfect combination of classic good looks and rugged capability, perfect for both urban and country environments alike.

Everrati redefine this undisputed icon from a 1960’s utilitarian vehicle into a beautiful, zero emissions vehicle, suitable for the twenty first century. 

Electric Land Rover Series IIA

Everrati Current*
3,596 kg C02 per annum
13 seconds
23 seconds
150 BHP / 300 NM Torque
70BHP / 163 NM Torque
>100 miles
151 miles
Cost to refuel/charge
Battery Pack
Combined AC and DC Fast charging
Drive Modes
2WD / 4WD
2WD / 4WD
  • Restored to the highest level by Land Rover specialists
  • Maintain structural integtrity; powertrain is reversible, maintaining value and options into the future
  • CAD designed and optimised
  • Galvanised Chassis and Bulkhead
  • Brand-new 60kWh battery pack with advanced battery management and temperature control
  • Regenerative braking
  • Leather Seats – 2 front
  • Rear Bench seats in leather
  • Lap seat belts front and rear
  • Centre Cubby Box with audio
  • Black Steel wheels
  • Range Hi/Low
  • Power steering and braking

* All ‘current’ figures based upon publicly available data on Land Rover Seris IIA. Emissions CO2 based on driving 5,000 miles per year. Source Fleet News Carbon Footprint Calculator. Range based on 18 gallon petrol tank @15.1mpg (fuelly.com). Average UK Fuel Price £1.28 per litre. Average UK Electricity price £0.144 per KWH. Data source gov.uk