Iconic past.
Everrati future.


Creating the world’s most iconic electric cars.

Everrati reconceive the most beautiful, glamorous, desirable motorcars the world has ever seen.

We make iconic cars relevant to the world today; upgrading each one to offer unparalleled luxury, high performance, zero-emission electric power.

maximum enjoyment.
zero emissions.

Icons Reborn

Icons Reborn

Honouring the essence and workmanship of an iconic car, Everrati conscientiously elevate each one, transporting it into today’s low-carbon and sustainable world. Lowering a cars environmental impact through a painstaking restoration, Everrati transform these glorious cars; fully refurbishing bodywork, customising interiors and reconceive the vehicle as a state-of-the-art electric car. Each Everrati car is a bespoke creation for its owner to enjoy into the future.

Icons Reborn

Timeless Elegance

An Everrati car will always have the soul of its manufacturer. Our subtle branding takes nothing from the original beauty of these iconic vehicles, with each masterpiece expertly restored using sustainable, modern materials and high-quality finishing techniques. Dials and console components are based on original styling and compassionately designed to be in keeping with the original interior décor.

ionic cars : Electric Mercedes Pagoda


Each Everrati car is equipped with brand-new custom designed battery packs complete with advanced battery management, advanced temperature control, and regenerative braking.

Power units are OEM-grade electric motors and, where appropriate, a custom single speed gearbox is installed developed by our engineering team. Performance is also vastly improved – see the Mercedes-Benz Pagoda and our Porsche 911.

Timeless Elegance

Everrati Engineering

The Everrati Engineering team has an extensive background in technology, racing and electrical engineering. Their experience in fettling power units to extract every ounce of power and economy, safely and reliably is unrivalled. Each Everrati model is painstakingly designed using the latest scanning and CAD technologies to ensure the finished masterpiece is true to the original weight and weight distribution. Every Everrati car feels and drives like it should, with added ‘ease of use’ and modern comforts.

We are constantly developing future component upgrades and will offer the ability to upgrade your Everrati car throughout its life as technologies evolve.

We breathe new life into these glorious icons; fully refurbishing bodywork, customising interiors, and converting the vehicle into a state-of-the-art electric car.

Justin Lunny – Everrati

The Future of Classic Cars

Performing heart-transplants from combustion engines to high-performance electric power on the most iconic and desirable vehicles. Everrati replace and upgrade the existing power unit and drivetrain, preserving all engine mounts and fixings. We implant our power cells and power unit with no disruption to the exterior of the car.

Optionally, you can even keep your original engine in a bespoke perspex case coffee table – the process is entirely reversible.

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